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Company Profile


      Foshan Xinbo Mold Co., Ltd. was established in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. We are committed to the R&D and manufacturing of injection molds for food, medical supplies, chemical supplies, daily chemical supplies, etc. We provide customers with golden key one-stop services, from product structure design to mold manufacturing, automatic assembly line design and overall solutions for injection molding production.

      Design and development capabilities: We have an experienced design and development team that can provide 2D, 3D drawings and DFM descriptions of customer products before production. We use UG, PROE, CAD and other software to design, develop and optimize products and their molds.

      Production and processing capacity: factory building area 4,000 square meters, 50 technical staff, and an annual output value of 5,000 cavity molds. lt has multiple German CNC lathes, high-precision CNC machining centers, mirror spark machines and grinders.

      Quality control capabilities: The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and strictly implements system management. The mold laboratory is equipped with Swedish three-dimensional, hardness detectors, concentricity detectors, etc. to monitor themold processing process in real time. The dust-free test workshop is equipped with 8 injection molding machines. lt conducts 4H and 16H validity appraisal of the mold from the aspects of human, machine, material, method, environment and testing to ensure that the mold reaches perfect condition.

      After-sales service capabilities: We promise 100% lifelong service for the mold, We have an experienced after-sales service team to ensure that we respond to problems within 2 hours and provide effective solutions to the problems within 24 hours.

  • 2014

    Xinbo Mold was established in Foshan, Guangdong in 2014

  • 4000

    The production plant covers an area of 4000㎡

  • 30

    There are more than 30 kinds of products

  • 5000000

    Mold service life more than 5 million mold times


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  • Meeting Room

  • Office Room

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Laboratory

  • Quality Department


Pre-sale service

Customers provide samples, 2D/3D drawings or ideas. We can design 2D/3D drawings of products that meet the customer's market needs, and make 3D printing prototypes, while sharing the production process required for new projects.

In-sale service

We manufacture and process molds according to the drawings confirmed by customers. At the same time, we are equipped with a special mold trial workshop to conduct mold trials, proofing, and trial production to ensure the stability of the mold. After the customer receives the mold, it can be directly put into production.

After-sales service

We promise to provide 100% lifetime service for molds, and our experienced after-sales service team ensures the first response within 2 hours, and effective solutions are proposed within 24 hours.


Support hotline:

+86 134 5089 3810 +86 -757-28799629 (Ms Chen)



Support hotline:

+86 134 5089 3810 +86 -757-28799629 (Ms Chen)